Orlando Vacation Club Deals

Welcome to those that are:

  • Too Young
  • Average Income
  • Already Toured Westgate
  • Not in a Hotel
  • Live Locally OK
  • EZ Qualifications
  • Debit Card OK

Single ladies over the age of 25 with an income of 35K (that's $750 per 40 week) per year and a debit may participate in the 120 minute seminar offering new and interesting ways of expanding your future vacation getaways. Married couples and cohabitating partners over 23 with combined income of 35K are also eligible.

Proof required with be matching addresses on state issued photo ids, joint bank statement with both names on it, insurance card or utility bill that can link you both to same address. Some clubs accept guest over age of 72. Qualifications may be different for seniors.

Please make sure to enter the most accurate information on the registration form which in turn will register you with the vacation club that bast matches you.

$125 Visa Gift Card$125FREE$125N/AN/A
 Each Additional Ticket
Universal Studio TicketsValueYour CostSavingsAdultChild
2 One Day One Park Base Any Season$388$265$123$188$185
2 One Day Two Park to Park Any Season$486$372$114$235$231
2 Two Park Hopper 7 Day Universal Tickets$764$630$134$372$362
2 Three Park Hopper 7 Day Universal Tickets$832$700$132$405$395
 Each Additional Ticket
Sea World & Busch Garden TicketsValueYour CostSavingsAdultChild
2 SeaWorld Anytime Season$236$116$120$105$105
2 SeaWorld With All Day Dining$318$160$158$158$158
2 Busch Gardens Anytime Season$264$116$120$105$105
2 Busch Gardens With All Day Dining$260$150$110$125$125
2 Aquatica Anytime Tickets$158$25$133$65$65
2 SeaWorld-Aquatica (2 Day Ticket) 2nd Visit Must be Used Within 14 Days of First Use$382$152$230$130$130
2 SeaWorld-Busch Gardens (2 Day Ticket) 2nd Visit Must be Used Within 14 Days of First Use$382$152$230$130$130
2 SeaWorld-Aquatica-Busch Gardens (3 Day Ticket) Expires 14 Days of First Use$407$180$227$145$145

Other Attraction Discounts

 Each Additional Ticket
Other Attraction Discounts TicketsValueYour CostSavingsAdultChild
2 Fun Spot 1 Day 1 Park 54" or Taller$108FREE$108$45$45
4 Fun Spot 1 Day 1 Park 54" or Taller$255$60$195$140N/A
3 Gatorland$96FREE$96$25$18
ICON Park Three Attractions Wheel, Madam T and SeaLife$106FREE$106$53$46
2 Kennedy Space Center Tickets$122$30$92$50$45
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Legoland 1 Day Admission Only Sold in Pairs$214FREE$214$115N/A
2 Medieval Times Dinner Show Tickets$142FREE$142$45$37
2 Pirates Dinner Adventure Tickets$142FREE$142$42$36
3 Wild Florida 30 minute Everglads airboat with gator park admission$99FREE$99$25$25
2 Wild Florida 60 minute Everglads airboat with gator park admission$112FREE$112$43$43

Reserve Now

We collect a $40 deposit at time of booking if your gift is less than $40 you will be refunded difference at end of 90 minute presentation. If gift cost is more than $40 deposit will be applied to gift cost.

* Please note prices are subject to change without notice.

When the price increase is nominal we will honor booking.

In the event new prices are dramatically higher, as in multi-day tickets, we reserve the right to cancel timeshare booking. Typographical errors will also not be honored.

Seniors Over 72

  1. Matching addresses on ID’s or linked to same address by utility, bank statement , insurance to same address for married or cohabitating couples.
  2. One person can be over 72 but not over 78.
  3. Major credit card income over 50K or debit card (no prepaid cards) with 75K income.
  4. Single women between ages 28-72 with major credit card and income of 75K.
  5. Can not be current member of GeoHoliday Club, Sapphire Resort Club, The Jockey Club, Sedona Pines Resort, Verde Ridge Resort or attended sales presentation within past 12 months.
$125 Visa Gift Card $125 FREE $125 N/A N/A
$100 Darden Gift Card $100 FREE $100 N/A N/A

Seniors Reserve Now

We collect a $20 refundable deposit at time of booking for senior bookings.


Use Promotion Code DTF TOUR ONLY

Call 407 415 7283 from 10AM - 10PM EST

Use Promotion Code DTF TOUR ONLY

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