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Join Capone's Dinner Show for an Evening Filled With Excitement

Unless you have a time machine there is no real way that you can get to the 1920’s.

When you are in Central Florida there is only one dinner show that will make you feel as if you have been sent back in time, Capone’s.

The evening show is great for guests both old and young.

The Excitement Starts At The Door

You ticket grants you entrance to dine with the whole gang, literally.

When you arrive at the door you may run into a wise guy named Buggs Moran.

He’ll point you in the right direction, whether you need the restroom, merchandise or to pick up your tickets.

Don’t forget to compliment him on his sharp Italian suit.

Be sure to follow the instructions that Buggs gave you while you waited to enter, you’ll need then one you make it to the wall.

Once you knock on the wall –which doubles as the speakeasy door- a pair of eyes will appear in a small opening in the wall, give them the password and the wall will open up and welcome you in.

As soon as you get inside you will have your mugshot taken and then someone will help you find your way to your table.

It’s usually Bunny or her husband, Fingers, who get this job done.

It’s then that you likely notice the atmosphere.

You’ve just entered a Prohibition era club filled with a bunch of characters.

In the upper level people seem to be gambling while others are enjoying a cocktail or two.

It’s not hard to see why the house is packed; you have to go to a place like Capone’s to enjoy some rum or whiskey in the 1920’s.

Once you are seated someone that looks like they’ve jumped out of a movie will approach you.

Don’t be worried if they have a gun holstered, it’s just your server stopping by the give you an earful and take your drink order.

Unlimited Food & Drink

Another reason why there aren’t many empty seats at the family style tables is because the drinks flow freely and the food is plentiful.

You can drink your share of beer, soda and mixed drinks without additional charges.

The same goes with the food, which is served buffet style.

Fresh salad, pasta, chicken nuggets, Chicago-style pizza, a meat carving station and a number of other scrumptious options are available to sample from.

If you are still hungry after one round of the buffet you are welcome to go back for another plate pilled as high as you’d like.

Dessert will be hand delivered towards the end of the show.

The Show is A Hoot

As the show begins the lights will dim and you will enter Al Capone’s world, Chicago.

The storyline spans a number of situations that will evoke a number of emotions, laugher being the most prominent.

As Jewel, Bunny, Honey and Sunny take the stage the show officially begins.

Throughout the show you may find your server or even yourself on stage with the rest of the cast.

The story will zigzag through an amusing story revolving around Chicago mobsters and they’re gang, friends and spouses.

Participation is definitely encouraged here.

There will be a brief intermission where a paperboy (or girl) will make the rounds hawking freshly pressed newspapers.

Take a closer look at the paper you have been delivered and you’ll notice that you’ve made the front page.

You have the option to purchase a variety of items bearing your mugshot and family name.

Curtain Call

As the curtain closes on the stage you will get a chance to interact with the cast members.

Diners are welcome to take photos with the cast on the stage steps.

The cast might just surprise you when you look at the poses they’ve made in your photos.

This is definitely the place to capture memories and reminisce about all the fun that you had when you went to “that one mobster dinner show in Orlando.”

At Capone’s you have wonderful staff who are always in character, the food is filling, the drinks quench your thirst and an exciting show that will amuse you.

Book your seats at one of Capone’s tables today; you won’t regret it.

By Marie Ospina

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Capones Big Italian Dinner Show

If you found this information useful, please like, share, tweet, pin or plus this page.

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