5 Fun Things You Must Do at Walt Disney

There is an endless list of things you can do at Walt Disney World, but there are a few things that you definitely need to keep on your final to do list.

See Do and Experience

Be sure that you purchase your Mouse Ears early and keep them on hand throughout your stay, you never know when the perfect photo-op will come along and you need those mouse ears to make that moment ultimately unforgettable. Nothing says family fun vacation like a candid taken while you get ready for a posed shot in front of Cinderella’s Castle. If there is nothing else that you do during your time at Walt Disney World you must meet Mickey.

Visit the Classic Disney Attractions

This is more than the Carousel of Progress, be sure to visit the Enchanted Tiki Room and Swiss Family Treehouse.

You will find that these attractions are not as frequented, but maintain a charm that is undeniable.

You should visit these locals to capture moments that may not be there in future years.

How many times have you looked back and wished you had taken a photo in front of a landmark that is no longer there.

The same will ring true for these places, that you will describe to your future grandchildren and then show them that you and your family actually visited these places.

Magic Kingdom Welcome Show

Visiting more than one park in a day is often considered a feat in its own, but sometimes concessions need to be made.

This is a great reason to use the monorail. Even if you do not have plans to leave the park you can still enjoy the monorail.

You can do a number of things from resort hopping to enjoying the view along the loop.

The monorail runs on an infinite symbol, figure-eight path.

If you transfer at the Ticket and Transportation Center you can go from Epcot to Magic Kingdom and back.

For a real treat, ask if you and the kids can ride in the front with the conductor.

The water taxis are a close second if you just hate the view from above.

Ride the Monorail

Very few people truly enjoy waking themselves up, in addition to their children, early while they are on vacation.

Get to the park before the gates are scheduled to open and get a special welcome from the Main Street residents and many Disney characters.

Grab breakfast before you leave your hotel or resort so you and the rest of your party are not starving before you enter the park for the day.

By Marie Ospina

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