Disney Magic Band - Universal Studios Florida

For decades, theme parks have issued paper tickets to their guests.

This system has worked well but has not been without its major drawbacks and flaws, the most notable of these being that tickets often get lost or damaged throughout the day.

Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts have recently filed an application with the FCC for a device that will revolutionize the way that we all enjoy theme parks.

The Wristband

The device has been tentatively named the Magic Band and is described as being a wristband that transmits a signal within the wireless network that will undoubtedly be set up within each of the theme parks.

The Magic Bands are described as being powered by a non-replaceable battery, which makes them disposable.

They are also said to be waterproof, and adjustable.

The MyMagic + Bracelets

With the name of the guest to be inscribed on each bracelet, easy identification of lost children will be possible.

The bracelets will also make it possible for guests to enjoy FASTPASS benefits without paper tickets, and also potentially be used as a means of making purchases without the need for cash or a credit card.

Nothing official has yet been released about the Magic Band, but if it were to become a reality it would offer the parks the ability to better track the activity of their guests so that they could improve their experiences in the park by adding restaurants, retail stores, and even restrooms in areas that receive higher traffic.

As Disney continues to roll out new technological innovations that are designed to enhance the experience their guests have at their parks, guests can look forward to simplified methods of enjoying their time in the Magic Kingdom.

By Marie Ospina

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