Free Souvenirs at Disney

If you and your family are planning a trip to the magical Walt Disney World, you probably want to bring home a special souvenir as a happy reminder of all of the delightful memories that you made.

As you browse through the many shops throughout Magic Kingdom and the other Disney parks, you may find that Disney souvenirs don't come cheap.

Luckily, there are plenty of free souvenirs that you can find at Disney to take home and show off to all of your envious friends and family!

Disney Tickets/Magic Bands

If you are staying at a Resort, you will be given one of the new Disney MagicBands!

These will serve as your park admission, credit card, and access to dining reservation and Fastpasses.

The best part of it all, when your trip is over, every member of your family gets to take these awesome devices home with them!

Celebratory Buttons

Free celebratory buttons are given out for such occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, first visits or even honeymoons!

You can find these buttons at the resort that you are staying at or at the customer service or ticket counter desks located throughout the various Disney parks.

Kids Discovery Passport

At Animal Kingdom, kids will be getting a free Kids Discovery Passport that maps out animals and their habitats.

Children can take this home and show everyone how much they learned about wildlife during their Disney vacation.


As you step foot into the Disney parks, many Cast Members will be passing out free Mickey Mouse stickers.

These are awesome souvenirs because they can be used for scrapbooks or even bedroom walls.

Coloring Mask

There are several different spots throughout Epcot where kids can color and personalize fun-themed souvenirs such as a Perry Platypus (Agent P) mask or Mickey's favorite stuffed bear, Duffy!

Before you set off on the journey back home, take some of the wonderful Disney magic home with you by picking up some of these free souvenirs at Disney World!

By Marie Ospina

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