Gas Gauging Near Airport

Would you believe some local gas stations are preying on tourist by charging double the going rate for gas?

Until this past February a couple of gas station near the airport and one by the Orlando Premium Outlets Vineland Avenue has had free reign.

Orange County finally passed an ordinance about advertising fuel prices this past February.

It took 2 years from when the the law was approved for it to be enforced.

Prior to that you didn't know what you were paying for a gallon of gas unless you looked at the gas pump.

These stations are now using ground level signage which can be easily missed by motorist not paying attention

Some locals have also unwittingly been over charged as well.

Here's a Shell station in the tourist area near Disney selling gasoline for $6.44 a gallon Monday!


Where to buy gas

Drive down the road a mile or two from the airport or tourist areas to find realistic gas prices.

There are many 7/11 and other convenience stores just down the road where locals fill up for much less.

Another place YOU Don't want to get gas at the rental car companies.

They charge up to $9 for topping off your rental.

Top it off yourself and keep the receipt

They may want to see it!

You'll also want to skip the prepaid gas option at the car rental agencies.

Any gas you leave when returning the car is like giving them free money.

By Marie Ospina

Florida Car Rental Code
Florida Car Rental Code