Hidden Mickey Hunt in Downtown Disney

Mickey, he's everywhere, but only with a little searching and a keen eye can the Hidden Mickey's be found.

These sneaky little guys hide in some of the strangest places.

Steve Barrett is the author of the Hidden Mickey Guide Book Series which are available in the Disney Parks, book stores, Amazon, and on Kindle as well as other downloadable formats.

Searching for Hidden Mickey's since the early 1990s, Steve sets out with camera, pen, research material, and a lot of curiosity to tackle the detailed Disney domain to document and catalog hundreds of Hidden Mickey's lurking everywhere.

Hidden Mickey Locations in Downtown Disney

Hidden Mickey's are located almost anywhere.

These sneaky little guys hide in some of the strangest places.

After bowling at Splitsville, check out the upper level near the escalator where holes forming the classic three-circle Mickey are in a huge orange in the left wall mural

When it's time for some chocolate, go to the Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop in the Marketplace.

Here in the second window from the left on the painting of a streetcar, on the rear wall of the shop, there's a shadow image of Mickey looking to the left.

Search Inside Shops and Restaurants

There are a lot more, search inside shops and restaurants and even in the Villain Room.

Make the visit to Downtown Disney about more then just shopping, eating, and rides.

Make it a family game to see who can come up with the most locations.

It will be fun for all, young and old.

By Marie Ospina

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