I-RIDE International Drive Trolley

There's a convenient, comfortable, and inexpensive way to avoid parking and driving distress in the International Drive Resort Area, take the I-RIDE.

These trolleys travel along International Drive making it fun getting from one theme park or attraction to another.


Rubber tired and fully climate controlled, the 15 trolleys each seat 41 riders with a capacity for 54.

Including 2 wheelchair positions, each is fitted with an ADA-specified hydraulic lift system to simplify entering and exiting the trolley.

There are two routes, the Red Line travels North and South along International Drive at 20 minute intervals and the Green Line starts in the along Universal Boulevard and then follows the Red Line at approximately 30 minute intervals.

Stops for the trolley are well marked by ten-foot tall poles bearing bright red and green signs indicating the stop number as well as a map showing attractions along the route.

Why worry about a little wait at the stop, there are seats and a colorful umbrella to keep everyone protected, rain or shine.


Fares are inexpensive; the General Fare only $1.50, seniors (65 and over) $0.25, and kids under the age of 12 accompanied by an adult are free.

The trolleys are exact change only, but unlimited ride passes can be purchased on-line.

For more details and maps, go to https://internationaldrivetrolley.com/.

By Marie Ospina

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