Legoland Florida Park & Kids With Autism

Legoland Florida Resort is a theme park in Florida that stretches across over 145 acres and consists of approximately fifty thrilling rides, attractions, and shows.

While the park is aimed for families with children ages three to twelve, it is full of non-stop fun for children and adults of all ages!

The property features an onsite waterpark and hotel for families to enjoy as well.

Legoland has been a popular destination for families since its opening in 2011.

Legoland Partners With Autism Speaks

But more recently, it has become even more appealing to the public with its plans to incorporate a designated area with sensory and hands on items for children to enjoy.

This will be especially geared towards children with Autism, as Legoland partners with Autism Speaks to promote these new experiences.

Their promise is to make it a more relaxing and fun experience for children who experience Autism.

In fact, this is only one of many other plans to incorporate these types of experiences into its park to make it more accommodating for children with special needs.

Quiet Areas at Legoland

Because these children are often overwhelmed by too many sensory items, it will be in a quiet area to make it a more enjoyable experience.

There are rumors that various quiet rooms with such activities will be placed throughout the park, as well as many other future accommodations being put in place as well such as special park maps geared towards children with special needs.

Employee Training

They will also be beginning training sessions two times each year that will provide employees with general knowledge about children with special needs.

Along with this, all new employees will receive information to help them understand the needs of all children so as to be able to accommodate everyone.

Legoland Florida Resort is made up of a series of designated areas filled with fun, enjoyment, and entertainment for everyone. With its new additions and accommodations, it will make it an even better place for families to go to, allowing for children with all different ability levels to have fun.

Legoland is working hard to make sure all children's needs are met, proving that it really is the park built for kids!

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