5 Ways to Maximize Your Time at Universal Studios Orlando

Lines, lines and more lines may be what you think of before heading to Universal Studios Orlando.

Well you don’t have to worry about madness and mayhem if you plan your vacation during non-peak times.

Here are five ways that you can make your trip even more fun filled.

Maximize Your Time

Have a Plan

There’s that age old saying that, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail,” and this certainly holds true with vacation planning.

Take a look at the theme park maps and make a list of the rides and attractions that are on the top of your list.

You should have at list five (5) locations that are on your ‘must see’ list with another five (5) that you also want to make time for.

You should also call (407-363-8000) the park to find out what times outdoor performances are taking place.

These are wonderful shows that you can enjoy during your downtime at the park.

Start Your day Early

Honestly, the best time to beat the lines is by starting your day off early.

Yes, you are on vacation and want to enjoy your time, but you want to start your days early in order to beat the heat and the crowds.

The difference between arriving at 9:00am and 10:00am often equates to wait time that end up being 30 minutes instead of 5 minutes had you arrived a bit earlier.

This will also give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite rides and attractions more than once without wasting much of your precious time in the parks.

Visit During low Season and Weekdays

Of course the majority of people visit the theme parks during spring break, summer vacation (usually June through August) and Christmas/New Year’s.

If you can, consider a mid-week or off-peak trip to Universal Studios.

Tuesday and Wednesday are great times to visit, especially in February or November.

You will find that the parks are not as crowded, the temperatures are wonderful and there is usually low humid/chances of rain.

Get a two-park Pass

You can get through the majority of the big-ticket rides and attractions in just one day if you visit during low season.

Start your day at one park and then board the Hogwarts Express to be transported right into the other park.

The Hogwarts Express is actually a cool attraction that you should ride twice (once in each direction) since the experience is different depending upon your destination.

Use Single Rider Lines

If you aren’t with a large party it doesn’t hurt to use the single rider line in order to skip the masses.

Depending upon the crowds you may end up in the same row for the ride.

This is also a great way to enjoy rides multiple times without the wait.

Keep in mind that timing is very important and should you find that you end up finding that the queues are unbearable that you can always purchase a Universal Express Pass, which will give you access to a line that bypasses the regular lines.

These tips will give you a jumpstart on your vacation planning and if planned properly give you an eventful day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando.

You will be presently surprised to see that rides like Dragon Challenge and Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit have wait times of 5 minutes or less.

By Marie Ospina

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