Orlando Isn't Just for Kids Anymore

There are tons of activities for adults with varying interests in Orlando.

For those who prefer a night out on the town, Medieval Times is a promising option.

Visitors are transported to a time long ago where knights would joust in tournaments for all to watch, while dining on a delicious meal that they eat in traditional fashion - with their hands.


For a more modern night out, Pleasure Island, part of Downtown Disney, has several club-type venues where adults can partake of live music, dancing, and libations.

Shoppers will find much more to like about Downtown Disney than Pleasure Island however, as it is filled to the brim with many diverse stores.

With candy, clothes, cigars, art and collectibles, and many more options, a shopper will have trouble figuring out where to start in this shopper's paradise.

Of course, if you are looking to shop for something more along the lines of an inexpensive Orlando t-shirt or souvenir trinket, there are also plenty of souvenir shops that litter the streets of Orlando.

Theme Parks

For those looking for a more relaxing activity, they may want to try taking a leisurely stroll through SeaWorld.

The beauty of these majestic creatures of the deep is very relaxing.

However, SeaWorld also has rides.

These may be more suited for people looking for fun and excitement.

There are fewer rides here than at other amusement parks, however.

Disney World, with its several adjoining theme parks, is filled with exciting rides and adventures.

Whether trekking through an African Safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom, or riding in the exhilarating Space Mountain at Disney's Epcot, thrills are sure to be found in abundance.

Universal Studios has rides as well, many of them being tall roller-coaster types.

It's not hard to find things for adults to do in Orlando, but it can be hard to make time for it all.

By Marie Ospina

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