Saving Money While Visiting Disney World

Disney World vacations can be some of the most exciting, but most expensive trips in the world.

Luckily however, there are a number of tips and strategies to help individuals save a ton of money.

Following these guidelines can easily shave off hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your next trip to Disney World.

Take a day off!

Do not schedule a park every day of your vacation.

Not only will it be extremely tiring to walk around the parks all day every single day, you will also miss out on a lot of other activities that Disney World has to offer-many of them free!

Save money by giving yourself AT LEAST one day that you do not attend the parks, and instead spend the day at your resort's pool, walking around Disney Springs, Disney's BoardWalk, or visiting other Disney resorts and seeing all they have to offer.

Hopper Passes?

Only buy hopper passes if you need them.

If you have enough days, spread out the parks.

You will need at least one full day at each of them.

So instead of rushing to Epcot for dinner, enjoy all that Hollywood Studios has to offer, and pick a spot at one of the nearby resorts to watch the fireworks or schedule a dinner reservation at.

Doing so can easily save your family hundreds of dollars.

Save on Gift Cards

Save on gift cards and use them throughout your stay!

You can often save a small percentage on gift cards by purchasing them at a few select retailers such as Sam's Club, as well as several cashback sites and reward programs like gas and visa cash back programs.

Individuals can save 10% or more by doing so, and can utilize them on virtually anything on Disney property.

Low Cost Souvenirs

Bring home free and low cost souvenirs only.

Opt to skip the souvenirs and instead just take lots of pictures during your stay.

But if you really need souvenirs, find pressed penny machines throughout the parks and property, or save cups, pins, and free merchandise as special memorabilia.

You can even use your snack credits to bring home treats as souvenirs such as mickey rice crispy treats and Minnie's bakeshop cookies!

Stay Off Property

Stay off property, or at a value resort.

While Disney resorts are extremely accommodating, comforting, and beautiful, staying off property can be magical as well.

There are plenty of beautiful resorts that are located just out of Disney, with gorgeous views, glistening pools, and world class service.

Plus, you can still visit the Disney resorts to take advantage of their accommodations and restaurants.

Besides, with all the money you save by staying off property, you can invest more into special dining options like character dinings and signature restaurants, or an extra day at the parks!

When to Visit

Work around peak seasons.

Check out Disney's peak seasons, and plan your trip around these.

Usually, when school is out for breaks, holidays, and summer vacation, not only is it the most crowded but the most expensive as well!

Try to plan your trip around these times which can save thousands off of your vacation!

Plus, avoid the crowds!

Come Prepared

The worst thing you can do when coming to Disney is to not be prepared.

Bring snacks, beverages, ponchos, sweaters, sunblock, and anything else you can think of to that you may need during your trip.

The last thing you want to do is have to spend $15 on a poncho or $30 on an umbrella because you didn't anticipate the rain!

Along with this, stop at a store before you arrive to stock up on drinks, snacks, and even quick and easy meals for the family during your stay.

Rather than dishing out extra money every time your family member wants a snack, head up to your room for a sandwich and beverage, and cool off in the process in your comfy suite!

Forgetting a necessity can easily set you back a pretty penny on Disney property-where they can pretty much charge you whatever they want!

So bring your phone charger, headphones, and a sweater for the cool nights!

You won't be sorry.

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