Stores to Shop at in Epcot

Epcot has a number of great stores, from souvenir shops to exclusive Disney merchandise, to items made by local craftsmen.

After spending the day on the rides and visiting all of the World Showcase, make sure to dedicate some time to the stores that they have.

Not only do they serve as a great place to cool off from the hot Florida sun, but they also have some truly one of a kind merchandise.

Mouse Gear

A wonderful souvenir and Disney merchandise store is Mouse Gear.

If you are looking for something Disney related, this is the place to find it.

From kitchen items to clothing and everything in between, you will be sure to find it at Epcot's Mouse Gear.

They have great souvenirs for everyone on your list.

Nowhere else will you find such unique items and an extensive selection.

Future World

Conveniently located in Future World, you will find trading pins, candy, apparel, toys, gifts, and Epcot exclusive items that will not be found elsewhere.

Also located in Future World is The Art of Disney, with a myriad of beautiful Disney paintings and prints that are the perfect memento to take home and remember your trip to Disney.

The figurines, models, and classic Disney pieces are beautiful. In the World Showcase, I love the charming little shops in the Italy Pavilion.

They have fine wines, coffee, and special Italian chocolates in one, as well as Italian designer sunglasses, apparel, and bags in another. The decor and setting are lovely, and definitely worth checking out.

Plaza de los Amigos

Plaza de los Amigos, in the Mexico Pavilion is truly a must when visiting Epcot.

They have a number of little markets set up in the middle of the pavilion, and just being here makes you feel as though you are in another country.

Little areas set up with hand crafted and specialty items make these shops a must.

Simply walk around and explore or admire the beautifully created items, or pick up a souvenir or two.

Choose from items like handmade wooden items, jewelry, and hand blown glass.

Mitsukoshi Department Store

Perhaps one of my favorite stores in Epcot, however is the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Japan Pavilion. It is a huge store full of unique Japanese items.

Besides endless Hello Kitty and Dragon Ball Z items, you can also find fresh pearls, origami, and a beautiful selection of Bonsai trees.

But I always make sure to pick up a new lucky cat, a Japanese good luck charm, each time I go that pertains to something going on in my life at that time.

You can easily spend an hour or two in the store so be sure to dedicate enough time to see it all.

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