Timeshare Viewing in Orlando

Visiting the happiest place on Earth 'Disneyworld' is very expensive.

Viewing a timeshare in Orlando can help defray the high cost of Disney tickets.

Timeshare resorts offer a substantial discount on attraction tickets to qualified families.

These time share tours are held daily in the morning and are minutes away from the theme parks.

You are under no obligation to purchase a timeshare during the presentation.

Orlando is the timeshare capital of the world.

More units are bought & sold than anywhere else in the world.

This video gives you an idea of what a typical timeshare viewing in Orlando is like.

Timeshare Developers

The developers have found the best way to attract potential new owners is by using discount incentives.

They buy both attraction tickets in bulk.

This allows them to offer these money savings offers.

About 2 in 10 families do decide to purchase a timeshare.

The resorts are happy with this return.

They also know that the 8 out of 10 families that don't buy will tell people back home.

After all, their friends and families members back home will ask them, where they stayed and what parks they visited.

This word of mouth strategy works wonders for the resorts.

It's a lot more cost effective than running an media campaigns.

Timeshare Offers

An admission ticket to any theme park (Disney, Universal Studios or Seaworld) is $95 once you add the tax.

Saving on Universal Studios or Seaworld are higher.

The more days you buy the bigger the savings.

Many families have no intention of buying into these resorts.

They still agree to attend the 90-120 minute presentations for the savings.

How to Register for Timeshare Viewing

First thing you want to do is make sure you're eligible for offer by reviewing qualifications.

The qualifications are based on age, income, marital status and credit worthiness.

The developer knows who might be most interested and able to become a part of their family.

Second step is to review your ticket options.

Select the park tickets that are on your bucket list with the best savings.

You can buy additional tickets at the additional ticket price.

Remember the biggest savings are on your first two tickets.

Third step is to book online or call 407 415 7283 to reserve your timeshare viewing.

Attending an Encantada timeshare presentation will get you to Magic Kingdom tickets at $42.50 each.
Click here to review their qualifications.

Westgate deals start at $62.50 per DIsney ticket.

Your timeshare broker will email you a scanned invitation that must be printed out and shown to the security guard at the gated resort.

Email will also contain address and confirmed tour time.

Timeshare Presentation

After showing your printed invitation to the security guard, he will direct you to tour registration.

They will your check state issued ids and reconfirm eligibility.

You'll then be assigned to a tour rep.

He/she will first take you through the complimentary buffet line.

Your time does not start till after breakfast/lunch buffet.

If you are in a hurry skip the buffet.

Rep will then take you around the resort pointing out the amenities and show you a couple of villas.

After the viewing, you are taken back to the conference room at tour registration.

The rep will give you a sales spiel.

It's up to you if want to buy into the resort.

At end of presentation, you'll be directed to gifting room to receive your discount tickets.

Timeshare Tips

  1. Select an early tour time. They start as early as 7:30 am.
  2. Buy all your tickets to get the biggest savings.
  3. Discounts are a lot higher on multiday tickets.

Attending a 90 minute timeshare viewing in Orlando is an informative and money saving adventure.

By Marie Ospina

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