Top 10 Insider Tips to Save Time and Money at Disney

1. Anytime that children are out of school, including the summer, winter and spring breaks, and other holidays, Disney is overly crowded and with its new surging prices, it will be overly priced as well!

Instead, opt to go when kids are in school.

September is a great month to go, as is May when children are just going back to school and right before summer break! December, especially the week between Christmas and New Years is a big no-no!

Along with this, know the best times to go to the park as well.

Generally, each of the parks are more crowded in the middle portion of the day.

Instead, go early in the morning before the crowds, and in the evenings after many guests have tired!

Schedule Your Days

2. It might feel as though you are taking the fun out of vacation by planning everything to a tee.

But the bottom line is that if you do not have park days scheduled, dinner reservations made, and a general idea of which people in your group want to visit which attractions, it can easily turn into chaos.

Look up crowd schedules to know which days are best to visit each park, make reservations months in advance to guarantee your place (popular restaurants book up QUICKLY), and discuss which attractions are at the highest priority (and split up if necessary!).

You can make a schedule in the Undercover Tourist App, and receive a ton of information on the My Disney Experience App to help you plan.


3. Figure out which attractions, events, and shows are most important to your group.

Realistically, you will not be able to view every show, see every attraction, and ride every ride in all of Disney World in one trip.

So figure out which are of the highest priority, and schedule those in first!

Fast Pass

4. Take advantage of Fast Pass and book in advance to ensure that you do not wait in line for too long.

In fact, you should not spend more than thirty minutes in line for any one ride.

Instead, go at a different time of the day.

Morning and evenings are the best times to ride, as well as right before and during popular shows and parades.

While everyone is viewing the show, you can cut wait times in half and experience your favorite ride in almost no time at all.

Use your Fast Pass wisely, and choose attractions that are popular to the general public and important for you to visit.

Start in the back of the park to shave time off of your wait.

Most people head into the parks and go right for the first ride or attraction they see.

By starting in the back, you will be ahead of the game!

Utilize Extra Magic Hours

5. At certain days of the week, Disney offers guests staying on property a chance to experience extra hours in the park, both in the morning and in the evening, avoiding large crowds and long wait times.

Take advantage of this and plan your schedule around these hours.

Single Rider Lines

6. Single Rider Lines advance much quicker.

If you are interested in riding a popular ride and do not mind riding solo, head over to the Single Rider Line and save precious time in line.

If you are not willing to ride alone, and there are two lines, choose the left line over the right.

For some reason, people tend to choose the right line, making the lines much longer!

Save on Breakfast

7. Save on breakfast by eating before you go to the parks.

Disney meals can be extremely expensive so never go to the park hungry.

Instead, pack some breakfast items for you and your family to eat early in the mornings before you leave your resort.

If you have the Disney Dining Plan, use your snacks to purchase pastries and small food items for breakfast.

Disney Dollars

8. Disney Dollars can help keep your budget at bay.

They work as cash, so purchase a specific amount that you are comfortable spending so that you do not get carried away by all the thrills!

You can also give your children Disney Dollars as spending money to purchase their own items.

By providing them with an allowance of Disney Dollars, it is a fun way to let them know how much they can spend during their time there.

Prebook Disney Character Meals

9. Avoid waiting in long lines for character meet and greets and ensure your child gets ample time with their favorite characters by booking Disney character meals.

For example, if your little girl loves Disney Princesses, book the Norway Princess Dinner, where the princesses walk around, interact with, and take pictures with all of the children present.

But if you want to save money and experience even less crowds, opt for a character meal outside the parks, like at Chef Mickey's at Contemporary, Wonderland Tea Party at Grand Floridian, and Ohana's Best Friends Breakfast at Polynesian.

In fact, to save money on park tickets, schedule these meals in between park days and spend the rest of your day enjoying all your resort has to offer.

It is not necessary to spend every day of your vacation at the parks.

The bottom line is that it is exhausting, and you will need a break!

Disney Firework Shows

10. Find the best place for Disney firework shows.

Perhaps the greatest shows in all of Disney are their grand firework displays.

Pick the perfect spot, AND avoid the crowds by either booking a reservation at a spot with a perfect view, such as Japan, France, or Mexico, or even relax at a nearby resort to view the fireworks from afar.

At the Top of the World Bar at Contemporary, or even at California Grill for example, you can see the fireworks right from your seat.

Enjoy a more peaceful setting to watch the magical firework spectacular before you.

By Marie Ospina

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