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2013 Room Only Discounts for Walt Disney World

Updated: 08 Aug 2013 01:50:18 PM

For some, booking accommodations at Walt Disney World separately ends up being more cost effective than purchasing a pre-packaged Disney Vacation.

Packaged deals usually combine hotel accommodation and park tickets at retail rates.

They then add a few perks like a Disney Dining Plan to add extra value to the package.

While this is a great option if you plan on spending your vacation exclusively at Disney World, a lot of families planning on spending some time outside of the park find that booking a Walt Disney Resort room with a "room only discount" and purchasing parks tickets separately works better for them.

If you fall under this category, check out the following Walt Disney World "room only discounts" applicable in 2013:

Fall Savings Discounts

Eligible Dates: 9/29 - 11/22 and 11/23 - 11/25 (Deluxe & Deluxe Villa resorts); 11/30 - 12/23 (all other resorts)

Discount: 15% - 30% off rack rates

AAA and CAA Member Discounts*

Eligible Dates: Varies, generally excludes holiday season

Discount: 15% - 25% off rack rates

*Book through Disney Reservation Center or travel agency; ask for AAA/CAA rates.

Annual Passholder Room-Only Discounts*

Eligible Dates: 8/16 - 9/26

Discount: 20% - 35% off rack rates

*Must be an annual passholder.

Florida Resident Discounts*

Eligible Dates: 6/4 - 8/15

Discount: up to 45% off rack rates

*Must show proof of Florida residency.

Discounts for International (UK and Canada) Residents* **

Eligible Dates: Varies

Discount: Varies

*Must show proof of residency

**Book through local travel agency or DisneyWorld.ca (Canadian residents only).

Military Discounts*

Eligible Dates: 10/1/12-9/27/14 (2013 Blackout Dates: 3/25-4/4, 11/28-11/30, 12/23-12/31)

Discount: 30% - 40% off rack rates

*Must be an active or retired member of the US military with military ID; ID must be shown at check in.

By Marie Ospina

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If you found this information useful, please like, share, tweet, pin or plus this page.

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