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Avatar Theme Park Coming to Animal Kingdom in 2017

Updated: 21 October 2013 02:05PM

Disney has officially announced that 2017 will mark the opening of the already much-anticipated Avatar land at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom and, this week, offered guests at the D23 Expo in Japan the first glimpse of what the expansion will look like.

The new area, based on James Cameron’s hit 2009 film Avatar is to be the largest expansion in Animal Kingdom’s history and will recreate the beautiful, bioluminescent forests of the planet Pandora, as well as some of the film’s wildlife.

Based on the projected renderings revealed in the exclusive video presentation featuring director James Cameron and Walt Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde, the new land is set to feature a water-based attraction as well as a flying ride that will simulate riding on a Banshee, the flying creatures featured in the film.

Avatar Theme Park

James Cameron’s company Lightstorm , in addition to working on the three film sequels for Avatar, have been working side by side with Disney Imagineers to create as immersive and authentic an experience as possible.


This, of course, means putting Disney Imagineers to the task that they do best: magic-making.

"A world of this much imagination is pretty much flat-out impossible to build unless you think up and innovate new ways to do it," Joe Rohde said.

"So the project is filled with new technology, new art, new style, new materials.

It's a tremendous tour de force of the innovative capacity of Walt Disney Imagineering."

The exact opening date of the Avatar expansion at Animal Kingdom, set sometime in 2017, has yet to be confirmed, but one thing is for sure: Avatar fans will be rejoicing to be able to visit Pandora at last.

By Marie Ospina

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