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Disney Dining Plan

Updated: 15 May 2013 07:56:11 AM

The Disney Dining plan is a meal plan that is available exclusively to Disney Resort guests.

This plan was designed to streamline and help take the stress out of figuring out where to eat while at Disney!

There are a number of Disney Dining Plans that can meet your needs, depending on the type of meals you want and the amount of money you want to spend.

Disney Dining Plan Don’ts

When you are planning your vacation, you should book a "Magic Your Way" package that includes dining.

You can choose which plan works the best for your group and budget.

Plus, choosing one of these packages can save you up to 25% on dining costs.

There are other benefits of using the Dining Plan, other than saving money.

Disney Dining Plan Options

Because you pay in advance, it takes the hassle of paying a bill at the end of the meal out of the picture.

Your server or counter service waiter will ask if you have the Disney Dining plan, and swipe your Key to the World card, which will debit the meals from your plan.

You will receive a printout of the meals and snacks you have left to plan for the rest of your trip.

Also, with the Disney Dining plan you can make meal reservations up to 180 days in advance.

Meals with characters are such a popular choice that many of these restaurants fill up months in advance.

Don't forget that refillable mug!

When you arrive at your Disney resort, the concierge will present you with a travel mug that can be filled at your hotel at any time during your stay.

There are so many amazing dining options at Disney and a Disney Dining is a great way to organize your meals and enjoy the benefits of eating while at Disneyworld!

By Marie Ospina

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If you found this information useful, please like, share, tweet, pin or plus this page.

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