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Magic Kingdom Open 24 hours Straight

Updated: 04 May 2013 05:05:35 AM

Disney is starting off the summer with a truly special event to celebrate the release of Pixar/Disney's upcoming film Monster University - the "Monstrous Summer All Nighters".

That's right, on May 24, 2013; The Magic Kingdom will be open for 24 hours straight!

Twilight Ambiance

Enjoy the beautiful twilight ambiance of the Magic Kingdom as you ride the Haunted Mansion during the witching hour, see characters in their pajamas, and drop in at a late-night dance party at Cinderella's Castle.

The Magic Kingdom at night also means cooler temperatures and, at the end of it all, you can watch the sun rise from inside the park (The Astro Orbiter might offer a particularly spectacular view).

The Magic Kingdom will be featuring a Monsters University celebration, including a production of the "Celebrate a Dream Come True" day parade with Mike and Sulley from the film as the grand marshals.

This is the second time Disney has pulled such an all-nighter.

The first time was "One More Disney Day" on February 29, 2012, done in celebration of Leap Year.

Expect Crowds

Participating parks include The Magic Kingdom in Orlando, as well as Disneyland Park and California Adventure in California.

Although Disney has expanded their 24-hour day celebration to three parks, you can definitely expect to be joined by crowds of your fellow night owls!

The parks will feature limited-edition specialty merchandise to commemorate the occasion, plus many surprises in store.

The parks will be staying open from 6am on May 24 until 6am May 25.

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By Marie Ospina

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