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How The Rich Do Disney?

Updated: 25 May 2013 03:20:22 AM

It seems there is a lot of internet chatter about people hiring wheelchair bound people to skip the long lines and access Disney World attractions faster.

One such rumor involves a social anthropologist in New York who supposedly uncovered the scheme while doing research for an upcoming book.

Dream Tours

Allegedly there is a tour company in Florida that hires out wheelchair bound guides for $130 per hour or $1040 for an 8-hour Disney day which then allows them to by-pass lines with up to six companions.

The phone number for this tour company has supposedly been passed from person to person and when calling the number, the caller must provide the source where the number was obtained before they accept the call.

Since the uproar, Dream Tours has discontinued this tour option.

Disney's Auxiliary Entrance Limitations

According to a Disney PDF obtained on-line at Disney World, dated November 2012, the following is stated under Auxiliary Entrance Limitations.

"Some attractions have auxiliary entrances for Guests in wheelchairs or with service animals.

These entrances are not intended to bypass waiting lines.

Guests with disabilities and up to five member of their party may enter through these entrances.

The rest of the party should use the standard queue."

For complete information, go to the link above where all accessibility options are clearly explained.

Based on this PDF, if people think by hiring a handicap tour guide allows them to by-pass the system, and then it appears they are mistaken.


Be sure to investigate all the rules before handing out large sums of money in hopes of getting around the rules.

These accommodations are for people who require assistance and not meant to provide an unfair advantage, but to provide them with the same enjoyable experience as everyone else.

By Marie Ospina

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