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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Interactive Queue at Magic Kingdom

Updated: 12 March 2013 06:10:11 AM

The Walt Disney Imagineers have been hard at work at Magic Kingdom making great additions to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction.

Their goal with the new interactive queue is to allow guests the opportunity to obtain a deeper and more extensive knowledge on the Big Thunder Mining Company.

Wild West Tour

The interactive queue gives children an insight into the mining days of the Wild West all the while experiencing a vital part of United States history in a vibrant and fun way!

Beginning in the mining office, tourists start their adventure in the same place the miners would on a normal workday.

The explosives magazine room is the next stop; this may be the most riveting room for children and adults alike!

Dynamite lines the walls and visitors might have the opportunity to help out in creating a new mine shaft by doing some dynamite blasting.

Back when the Big Thunder Mining Company was a live working place, the forum would stand at his post to check on his workers down below in the mines.

The next stop on the tour will allow tourists to see all that is happening underneath them in those dangerous shafts.

Next stop: the ventilation room.

Here, visitors will be educated on why well ventilated air is so important to a mine.

Not only will this new interactive queue educate guests on life back in the 1860s, but they have the great opportunity of being a part of this great American story.

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By Marie Ospina

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