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Orlando Tourist Safety Tips

Updated: 15 April 2013 03:50:31 AM

Safety is important while traveling and makes for a smarter and more enjoyable vacation.

Orlando, a top tourist destination, means large crowds, fun things to do, a variety of theme parks to attend and a perfect environment for criminals and scam artists.

Common sense goes a long way in being safe on vacation, here are a few tips and for making sure that dream vacation stays a dream and not a nightmare.

Travelling Alone


Hotels have many security measures, including extra locks on the doors, safes in the room and front desk, and normally a security staff on site.

Be sure to use all the locks when in the room and check with security or the front desk if there is anyone suspicious at the room door.

Scan copies of credit cards, passports, and other documents and keep a copy in an email for easy access should they become lost.

Other Safety Tips

Disney Hotels

If staying at a Disney hotel, you will be issued MagicBand.

The MagicBand replaces a room key that can be used to charge anything to the room at the theme parks, act as theme park tickets, fast pass selection thus eliminating the need to carry any cash or credit cards.

Never leave children unsupervised; it takes just a second for an accident to happen at a pool or beach, or to lose a child.

Arrange with the kids as to where to meet should the family become separated.

Have an ICE (in case of emergency) number; programmed into a personal cell phone, paramedics and police will look for this number in an emergency.

Be smart and have an outstanding vacation!

By Marie Ospina

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