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Orlando Vacation Tips

Updated: 15 May 2013 03:55:31 AM

Tourists visiting Orlando often miss out on great experiences or are mired in logistical nightmares that prevent them from really getting the most out of their vacation.

Holidays are supposed to be fun and stress-free, so to ensure that you have a blast on your next Orlando vacation, here are a few tips.

Time Management Tips

If you're strapped for time, then avoid traffic and stay at a theme park hotel.

This dramatically cuts your 'commute" time and is also great for taking mid-day breaks.

Those of you who are really pressed for time should think about purchasing express passes that allow you to skip the bulk of the lines for rides at major theme parks.

Disney World has a FastPass, while SeaWorld has QuickQueue and Universal Studios has an Express Pass.

Sanford Airport

If you're looking to save on cash, consider flying into Sanford International Airport instead of Orlando International Airport.

Booking your vacation during one of Orlando's low seasons will also yield significant savings.

Instead of mid-summer, try heading down there in late August or September, when half of the country is heading back to school.

If you're looking for a fuss free vacation, plan well in advance.

Most major parks will accept reservations up to 180 days ahead of time.

Timeshare Tips

You can also reserve a timeshare tour in advance for discount tickets.
The savings are well worth the drawn out sales presentation.

Savings on a pair of 4 Day Disney tickets can be a couple of hundred dollars off the gate price.

Other Tips

Pack light to avoid dealing with heavy luggage.

If you're headed to Orlando with smaller kids, consider renting a stroller instead of carrying one with you.

To save even more buy one at Walmart and leaving it behind.

If you're driving, avoid getting stuck on International Drive and take the freeway instead.

By Marie Ospina

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If you found this information useful, please like, share, tweet, pin or plus this page.

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