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What to Do On Those Rainy Orlando Days

Updated: 02 Oct 2013 02:58:33 PM

It's a niggling worry in the back of every vacationer's mind: I hope it doesn't rain, I hope it doesn't rain, I hope it doesn't rain.

Now, here you are in Orlando, enjoying the trip you've spent ages planning for... and it's raining and there's nothing you can do but try to figure out how to make sure that this day isn't wasted.

Luckily, Orlando is a vibrant city filled with amazing attractions offering fun, magic, shopping... and a roof over your head.

So, what to do when a rainy day puts a damper on your park plans?

Some Options

It never hurts to ask about indoor activities at your resort.

Many Orlando resorts offer fun and complimentary indoor amenities, such as arcades, kids' centers, movies, and more.

Also available at many Orlando resorts are luxurious spas with relaxing treatments for mom and dad and even the little ones!

Shopping and Entertainment

Orlando is home to many amazing shopping malls and the incredible Downtown Disney, which offers a massive AMC theater and world-class dining and shopping, as well as DisneyQuest, an indoor, virtual theme park, and Splits Ville, an upscale bowling alley.

A Word of warning: both Disney Quest and Splitsville are favorite spots for rainy days, so they may be very crowded.


Downtown Orlando is filled with many unique museums, from WonderWorks to the Orlando Science Center to Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Visiting the Parks on Rainy Days

Rainy Day at Disney

Last, but not least: if your heart was set on heading to the park or if you've already purchased park tickets for the day... go ahead and go.

Unless wrangling your family in the rain is unforeseeable, wrap up in ponchos and go.

Between rides, shopping, and dining, much of your time at the park will be spent inside anyway and, often, Florida rain showers vanish as quickly as they appear.

Rain is less than perfect, but is no reason to have to scrap all your plans

Tip: If visiting Disney, try to visit Epcot on rainy days, as your plans will be the least interrupted here.

With plenty of indoor shelter and few towering rides at risk of being shut down, Epcot is the easiest park to enjoy in the rain.

Even its fireworks spectacular, Illuminations, is rarely (as in, never, barring a hurricane) cancelled on account of rain!

The only exception to this is, of course, is the weather forecast is predicting lightning or an actual tropical storm, or if anyone in your party really ought not be in the damp for too long (anyone sporting a cold, etc.).

If this is the case, don't despair and remember that Orlando is filled with many amazing activities and experiences that can be enjoyed indoors!

You can get some more helpful tips on rainy days at Disney here.

Should it decide to rain and rain during your stay, take advantage of a timeshare tour for great savings on tickets.

By Marie Ospina

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If you found this information useful, please like, share, tweet, pin or plus this page.

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