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Win a Free Decade of Travel

Updated: 21 Feb 2013 02:43:15 AM

Winning a free trip to Florida would be one of the greatest experiences in the world.

Want to know what would be even better?

Winning free trips for an entire decade!

The city of Kissimmee is a popular choice for vacationers who are visiting some of Florida's most popular tourist attractions, including Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios Orlando.

Visit Kissimmee

Those aren't the only reasons to visit Kissimmee.

There are also endless golf courses, Wet N' Wild Orlando Waterpark, hot air balloon rides, relaxing spas and a peak back at history at the Osceola County Historical Society's Pioneer Center.

It's because of all these activities that the city of Kissimmee has launched a website where you can win a Decade of Memories. (https://www.decadeofmemories.com/)

Submit an Essay

All you have to do is submit a contest entry explain what you would do with ten years of visits to Kissimmee, Florida.

You can submit a story about what you would do with 10 years of visits to Kissimmee.

Twenty-five lucky finalists will be chosen to make a video of their 10-year travel plans, and the top five winners will have their videos posted to the Kissimmee Facebook page for public voting.

If you win, here's what you get: ten week long trips to Kissimmee for you and four of your friends and family.

Every trip includes flights and a week at a luxurious three-bedroom, three-bathroom villa, and a rental car so you can see everything you dream about seeing.

Enter the contest here https://www.decadeofmemories.com/

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By Marie Ospina

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